About Boudoir Essentials

At Boudoir Essentials, we want shopping for bedroom toys to be as much fun as shopping for that perfect shade of lipstick or a fabulous pair of strappy heels. So we designed a luxurious online erotic boutique for every woman who wants to explore her sensuality in an elegant and sophisticated space.

We want you to feel sexy from the moment you step into our boudoir, to the moment your white BE box arrives at your door. BE is dedicated to bringing you a variety of bedroom essentials that we hope will spark your creativity and satisfy your curiosity. Our boudoir is your boudoir, so get comfy and browse through our pages. Feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions!

Great sex begins in the imagination. Go ahead—give yourself permission to BE bold. BE alluring. BE daring. Then ask your friends, “Who do you want to BE?”

Essentially Yours,

Boudoir Essentials